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Facial treatment with caviar and algae 60min/ 350pln

Facial treatment with caviar and algae gives glow to the complexion. Care because of its rich composition has antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, nourishing action and accelerates the recovery of cells. It also has broad moisturizing features, provides the components necessary for proper growth and tissue cohesion and improves skin firmness.

Anti-wrinkle treatment 60min/ 330pln

Anti-wrinkle treatment due to the high calcium content it supports the formation and protection of the collagen fibres. It also has a moisturizing effect

Smoothing and moisturizing treatment 60min/ 300pln

Its unique composition ensures optimum skin moisture and soothes skin prone to irritation and telangiectasias.

Purifying treatment with red algae 60min/330pln

Red seaweed rich in minerals have moisturizing and cleansing effect. Sea buckthorn present in all products is antiseptic and firming for the skin.


Body smoothing treatment

Nourishing oil of sea buckthorn will provide the perfect skin hydration and scrub based on algae and volcanic sand stimulates the blood circulation and prepares the skin for further care.

Nourishing body treatment with algae

Algae smoothing scrub stimulates circulation and prepares the skin to accept rich in marine microelements algae nutritional mask, thanks to which the skin becomes more supple, nourished and moisturized. The treatment ends with a bit of relaxation with a massage of the body.

Treatment for hands / treatment for feet

Relaxation for tired feet. Peeling will refresh, mask will restore the skin's moisture and elasticity and a relaxing massage at the end of the treatment will compensate the feet for "the hardships of everyday life".

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